If you have not been subjected to the wry humor of long-time Twitter comedian Cranky Gordon, or Cranky ‘Republicans Killed My Nephew(s)’Gordon, as he is calling himself these days, prepare yourself for a belly-laugh. Cranky took a moment to compile a collection of frequent scenes from the so-called left side of Twitter that many have come to know so, so well.

Stereotypes are rooted in accuracy and CG has carefully documented examples, but *do your own research (*unnecessary disclaimer). 

Yes, the nice white woman, said, ‘Nice and white of you!’

It’s a wonder Cranky Gordon is still tweeting after injecting so much truth into the Twittersphere in a humorous fashion. You will have to expand the Tweets to get the full version of the screenshots. But the context is that someone adores all-white Democratic candidates and everyone is offended, and identity politics is once again to blame – for everything.


It’s like there is a manual for the woke guiding them on how to irritate and annoy with cunning hypocrisy and outrageous responses that are devoid of anything resembling reality.  At least we can see the humor in it.

Nod to Cranky Gordon for sharing the relatable humor needed to survive such a toxic environment and counteract the redundant tactics of the progressive Left. Keep calling out the hypocrisy, keep mocking the sanctimonious absurdity. The culture wars are not over yet.