The latest historical work of art to be attacked by, what appears to be, someone espousing progressive agenda is none other than Leonardo da Vinci’s Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo – also known as, the Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa was innocently hanging around the Louvre when an individual of confusing gender identity flung cake upon her illustrious face.

Fortunately Ms. Mona Lisa was not permanently harmed.  No thanks to the onlookers who did nothing to protect the painted woman. “No one acts… They just record it on their phone,” says a tweeter whose observation applies to an increasing number of situations displayed on social media.

The vandal reportedly told onlookers to “think of the earth.”  Perhaps Leonardo did not use sustainable paints for his masterpiece. Perhaps the Mona Lisa was scheming the design of a plastic straw.

The relevance of this gross attack on a historical masterpiece has not yet been effectively communicated. Is it wrong to hope there is a point to this stunt that is greater than some idiot grabbing 15 minutes of fame and using it to parrot the last plea for political activism that that they saw on their TV or iPad?

The publicity stunt does reaffirm at least one point in regard to the character of “activists” that has been demonstrated repeatedly.

Media has assumed the vandal identifies as a male in disguise and the individual has reportedly found himself in psychiatric care.

Sending someone who acts out irrationally to a psychiatric unit is a novel concept, which seems to be frankly un-American in the woke era.  Fortunately, the Mona Lisa is impervious to the insanity of modern politics and well survived a little cake on her face – just another thing to go on smirking about.