The increased presence of RV parking on public streets is not unique to Olympia, Washington. Though, they are reportedly the first city to permit encampment parking as a solution to the ongoing issue.

Does anyone believe the transients on wheels are going to follow a whole new set of rules and requirements for maintaining a permit?  If the inhabitants were abiding by rules – there wouldn’t be a problem to address? The skeptics are not sure permits are going to solve a thing.

Others, are a bit more… optimistic.

If looking to draw additional RV residents in an effort to decorate their city streets, Olympia is on the right track with a new array of free services. According to a local news article, ‘The permitted parkers can have their sewage tanks pumped out by the city once a month.

There will be multiple port-a-potties and dumpsters along the road.’ There are, naturally, some locals who think Olympia’s plan is a great idea.

Buckle up Washington, the Democrats are just getting started with the real solutions. Try to envision what your cities can become with Utopian ideals and government officials who have the power to enact progress.

What could possibly go wrong?