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White House Statements on Victims of Biden's Open Border Are Disgraceful on Multiple Levels

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Considering the horrific stories that have been in the news lately as a result of the Biden administration's open border, the White House's timing on this post couldn't have been more shameful:


In actuality, it's the policies of Biden, Mayorkas and this administration in general that have been ripping families apart: 

The White House tried saying nothing but now the issue it getting too big to ignore. Initially DHS Secretary Mayorkas referred to one of the victims as "the individual who was murdered."


Now Team Biden is starting to say their names. albeit reluctantly:

The White House said the murder suspects should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law, not counting the law that should have prevented them from entering the country illegally. Biden waived that one for them. Now we get cookie-cutter statements.

They're just awful.

In one statement the White House tried to genericize the accused killers: "People should be held accountable." Then again, these are the same people trying to blame everybody for Biden's open border.


"Gross" indeed.

Strange how that works, isn't it?

Each day they plunge to new depths.

"Respect for the rule of law," except not THOSE laws.


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