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ABC News Reports Biden's Debate Prep Includes Practice Standing Up for 90 Minutes Straight


Everybody knows the usual suspects in the media already have their "Biden delivers masterful debate performance" pieces ready to go after Thursday's faceoff with Donald Trump on CNN. All Biden has to do is make it through the entire hour and a half (including two commercial breaks) with nothing extremely embarrassing happening and the media praise will be off the charts.


Biden's being prepped for the debate at Camp David and it's going to take an entire week.

"This is such a critical performance for President Biden, not only on the content, but on his physical performance."

The "physical performance" includes getting used to standing up for 90 minutes.

Here's ABC News reporting that the president's debate prep includes practice standing up: 

If Biden successfully stands there for 90 minutes the media will be able to unleash their "brilliant performance" pieces.


Biden will also be made to say "greedflation" one hundred times per day leading up to the debate.

The campaign's goal will also be to hope that the mythical and mystical "sharp as a tack behind the scenes" Biden shows up in front of the scenes on debate night.

All is well!


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