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For the first couple years of the Biden presidency, this administration, with a lot of help from the media, claimed the border was secure. This came after Biden, on day one, got rid of dozens of measures that were keeping the border more secure.


When it because clear "the border is secure" was a huge lie, the White House claimed the border isn't secure and it's the fault of Trump and the Republicans. Biden said congressional legislation was needed and there was nothing he could do. 

At that point Biden issued an executive order he said would help secure the border, which hasn't happened. 

There's no less than five months before the election, and a debate is a week away, so the media's trying to carry some extra water for Biden in spinning his border disaster (which has had tragic consequences for many Americans). Check out this effort: 

Yep, they really are. And in the instance the "they" is MarketWatch, and the headline is "Why the immigration surge under Biden is saving the taxpayers money":

A wave of illegal border crossings in recent years has sparked heated debate over U.S. immigration policy, but official estimates suggest the surge in migration over the U.S.-Mexico has done wonders for the federal budget outlook.

The Congressional Budget Office estimated Tuesday that the immigration surge since 2021, which it expects to continue to 2026, will raise federal tax revenues by $1.2 trillion over the next ten years while only increasing spending by $300 billion.


Add that one to the growing pile of the media's "why this bad thing is actually good for you" attempts to run cover for a Democrat. 

It's also interesting how this spin is emerging a week before the debate, which should help give Biden a bogus talking point about how he's saving taxpayers money. The CNN moderators will likely nod in agreement and not challenge that. Just a prediction.


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