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Here's a New Batch of Swing State Numbers That the Biden Camp Won't Find Encouraging

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

One or two recent national polls about the upcoming election have put President Biden a couple percentage points above Donald Trump, so of course the Biden campaign has been pointing to those as evidence that the White House is turning things around. 


But where it really counts, there's more proof things aren't getting better for the Biden campaign, but perhaps they'll claim the latest batch of swing state polls is just more "cheap fakery":

Tied in Minnesota? Wow. Also Trump's now within eight points of Biden in New York -- ironically the place the Dems put Trump on trial and where he held some campaign events. 

What kind of desperation one-liner Hail Marys will Biden's campaign prepare for him at next week's debate? It helps that it's on CNN and Biden's people might already know the questions (heck, maybe CNN will allow them to write the questions). 


The Trump campaign is encouraged by those numbers, but then again there are "variables" to consider.

Stay tuned!

By the way, we'll be live blogging/riffing a bit during the debate next week, so make sure to join us while you watch.


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