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POTUS Account Reminds Us We're All to Blame for Biden's Border Disaster

Screenshotted meme

Yesterday President Biden made it clear that the Dems think there's a decent chance he could lose in November and is basically trying to install express lanes at the border to get as many people in as possible before we have a president who actually does his job: 

Biden's remarks contained another glitchy moment that the media will help wave off as a "cheap fake":

Media: "He's totally fine and all this is being made up by the Republicans!"

Back to Biden's EO, the White House's explanation opens with a paragraph that's full of more crap than the New York City sewer system: 

Since his first day in office, President Biden has called on Congress to secure our border and address our broken immigration system. Over the past three years, while Congress has failed to act, the President has acted to secure our border. His Administration has deployed the most agents and officers ever to address the situation at the Southern border, seized record levels of illicit fentanyl at our ports of entry, and brought together world leaders on a framework to deal with changing migration patterns that are impacting the entire Western Hemisphere. 

The post from the @POTUS account and whatever member of the WH press office wrote it is even more detached from reality.

Biden opened up the border on day one in office, and now it's the fault of all of us for not fixing what Joe broke:

This might be the most shameless and laughable tweet of all time from this account. When a career politician says something shouldn't be about politics, it's all about politics. 

National security is literally a president's job but Biden's dereliction of duty is now the fault of all of us?

November can't get here fast enough, but the disastrous effects of the Biden presidency will be felt for many years. The nation can't withstand four more years of this. 


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