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'ORDERS RECEIVED'! Here's How Aggressively the Media's Pushing Biden WH's 'Cheap Fake' Talking Point


As you know, when it comes to the Dems, Biden campaign and media, the words of the week are "cheap fake." Those videos you've seen of Biden? You didn't really see them, according to the dutiful hack media who have been eager to prove to the White House that they got the memo to push the Biden press office's preferred spin. Here's just one example:


How aggressively has the media been pushing the "cheap fakes" narrative? 

According to Grabien News' Tom Elliott, the amount of time the media's been doing the White House's bidding when it comes to this spin is impressive indeed:

Now that's a lot of heavy lifting! They're determined to carry Biden across the finish line one way or another.


Yes, so many in the media are in fact "cheap fakes" of journalists.


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