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DHS Secretary's Reaction to Illegal Accused of Killing Mother of 5 Is Maddening on Multiple Levels

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Another horrific crime has taken place in the U.S. as a direct result of President Biden and his chief illegal alien travel agent, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and their open border:


A Maryland sheriff has ripped America’s open southern border after an illegal immigrant – who was already wanted for the slaying of a woman in his native El Salvador – was arrested Friday and charged with the rape and murder of Rachel Morin, a mother of five who was killed while on a hiking trail last year. 

Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler of Harford County said illegal immigrant Victor Antonio Martinez Hernandez, 23, should not have been in the country in the first place to carry out the horrific crime. 

He was nabbed "casually sitting" at a bar Friday night in Tulsa, Oklahoma with investigators saying a police tip and DNA evidence allowed them to crack the case and track him down.

Earlier on CNN, Jim Acosta performed a random act of journalism by asking DHS Secretary Mayorkas about the man in the country illegally accused of the murder, and, as we're used to with this administration, there's no acceptance of accountability on any level. Mayorkas wouldn't even say Morin's name: 

The smug DHS secretary said the individual needed to be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law, except of course the law that says he shouldn't have been in the country in the first place. Biden and Mayorkas don't care about that one.


Mayorkas referred to her as "the individual who was murdered.

The House impeached Mayorkas but the Dem-controlled Senate refused to take up the matter because according to people like Chuck Schumer the head of Homeland Security is doing a great job of letting millions of what they hope are future Democrat voters into the country.

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