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Here's How Many Have Been Connected 3 Years After Biden Got $45.5 Billion for High-Speed Internet

Artist Angie

Last month on CBS's Face the Nation, Pete Buttigieg tried to explain why not even ten electric vehicle charging stations had been built long after the Biden administration announced billions of dollars for the project:


As it turns out, compared to the story below, seven or eight charges is remarkable progress for this administration. 

We now turn to the tens of billions of dollars allocated in the Infrastructure Act that Biden signed almost three years ago, ostensibly to give everybody access to "affordable, high-speed internet."

Earlier this year the POTUS account said they were "well on our way to connecting every last American" to high-speed internet:

As usual, Biden means "well on our way" in government terms, because it's moving at the speed of a snail stuck in glue.

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr has an update on what "well on our way" means at this point: 


This administration got the money in 2021 and didn't even announce the project until about a year ago, and now Biden might be voted out before anything happens. 

This particular program goes by the acronym BEAD, and the "E" stands for "equity," in case anybody is wondering what this is really about.

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