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Miami Herald Editorial Board Lets Floridians Know Flooding From Rain Is a Preview of Rising Oceans

Meme screenshot

In the movie Austin Powers, Dr. Evil is talking to the U.S. president and after issuing a demand demonstrates the "awesome lethality" of his laser:


After the White House is seen exploding, we hear "Well actually that was footage from the movie Independence Day, but the real laser will be a lot like that, yah."

The Left/media likes to take similar approaches while trying to freak everybody out about man-made climate change that we all died from 15 years ago (and then died again because of net neutrality ending). 

Southern Florida has been hit with major flooding after heavy rains, and the "oceans will rise and engulf the coastlines" propaganda-pushing media spotted an opportunity.

This is where the Miami Herald editorial board comes in. "Actually that was from heavy rainfall but the real rising oceans will be a lot like that, yah":

The climate alarmist media motto is "always be closing" for a reason.

The Miami Herald also often confuses helping the Left push their desired narratives with journalism.

At some point between those previous storms and now the Democrats figured out a way to politicize, monetize and fear-monger from the weather. "It rained a lot today and here's why it's the Republicans' fault" is embarrassing but that's what passes as "science" on the Left these days.



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