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Guess How Much Terror Watchlist Encounters Shot Up After Biden Said 'Surge to the Border'

Meme screenshot

During a 2019 Democrat debate, Joe Biden made it clear that if he were to end up in the White House, people should "surge to the border" and take advantage of a border he'd make wide open.


The consequences of this administration's open border policies could end up being disastrous. Recently the DHS had to reel back in eight individuals who had been "fully vetted":

So much for that "thorough vetting process" DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas keeps touting.

Here's a list of terror watchlist encounters during the Trump and Biden presidencies:

What could possibly go wrong?

We're sensing a pattern here:

FY17: 2 

FY18: 6 

FY19: 0 

FY20: 3 

**Biden takes office** 

FY21: 15 

FY22: 98 

FY23: 169 

FYTD24: 80

And those are just the ones that are being encountered.

We shudder to think about the answer to that question. 

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