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WH Press Office Tries to Turn Biden Angrily Mocking Reporter's Fair Question Into a Dark Brandon Burn

Sarah D.

The gap between the Biden we see and hear every day and the make-believe Biden that the White House and his reelection campaign try to force into existence is wider than the Grand Canyon, but that doesn't stop Team Joe from trying on a daily basis.

Yesterday brought with it a fresh example of the Biden White House trying to turn another one of the president's angry, babbling outbursts into a Superman moment. 

A reporter asked Biden if he'd serve all four years of a second term and he replied this way:

We've reached the point where that's about the best Biden can do, and his press office even tried to turn this one into a "Dark Brandon" type brag. Biden's deputy press secretary is among Biden's staffers with the philosophy of "when life hands you rotten lemons, put googly eyes on them and hope somebody laughs":

Oh please. The only time that happens to Biden is when they give him whatever cocktail the White House doc uses when Joe has to stay up past 5. 

Biden didn't answer the question and mocked the reporter, but Bates and all the rest of them at the White House would like everybody to believe Trump's the one who doesn't respect the media.

"Pumpkin with no candle in it," to swipe an old line from Dennis Miller.

To recap. Here's the Biden the White House has invented:


And here's the Biden we all see:


"Dark Brandon" must be another Biden persona that only exists behind closed doors.


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