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Senate's Serial D-Bags Whitehouse and Durbin Say Justice Alito Flies 'MAGA Battle Flags'

Meme screenshot

The Constitution makes it clear that there are three separate but equal branches of government, but the Democrat obsession with delegitimizing one of those branches, the Supreme Court, means Democrat congressional hyperventilating like this:


Roberts should tell them to pound sand, as should everybody for that matter. 

Yes they are.

The acronym POS fits nicely when discussing both Whitehouse and Durbin, but it's especially applicable to Whitehouse for his insane spin on what the flags represent:

Good lord, what an ass that guy is.

Those words are in their statement as well:


Has Whitehouse started doing a forensic analysis of Alito's high school yearbook yet?

This is a slice of the history of one of the "MAGA battle flags" Alito has on display:

The Appeal to Heaven flag was designed by Colonel Joseph Reed, who served as the personal secretary to George Washington. Originally commissioned for use on six military cruiser ships, the flag was adopted on October 21, 1775. It became the official Massachusetts navy flag in 1776.  

Washington's secretary chose a simple yet impactful design featuring a singular pine tree, a symbol of strength and resiliency within the New England states. The words “An Appeal to Heaven" stretch atop a white field, boldly proclaiming an appeal to God to save the colonists from the King's oppressive ruling.

George Washington was MAGA? Who knew!?

There are some seriously shameless dirtbags in Congress.

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