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CNN Looked Sad to Be Covering Trump's Massive Rally in 'One of the Bluest Counties in the Country'

Donald Trump's rally in the Bronx in New York City didn't thrill Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who just a couple of ago was bragging about the Left's effort to keep the presumptive GOP nominee busy in a Manhattan court instead of campaigning. Partly as a result, in the last few weeks, the race between Trump and Biden in NY is down to single digits.


It was clear early in the day that Trump's rally in the heavily blue Bronx would be massive, and CNN seemed quite shocked by the scene. Too bad Jim Acosta wasn't there to enjoy it: 

CNN's people didn't seem particularly thrilled to be reporting this story:

It must have physically hurt:

But we don't want to dump on CNN too much, because at least they covered Trump's rally:


Maybe they're finally figuring out what's going on. 


Hopefully that "miserable" look is a preview of election night. We'll see.

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