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Miranda Devine Thread Dives Into New IRS Whistleblower Docs (Hint: 'Hunter Biden Lied Repeatedly')


More IRS whistleblower documents have been released and a lot of the information in them revolves around Hunter Biden: 

Today, the Ways and Means Committee voted to release over 100 pages of newly obtained evidence, provided to the Committee by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, showing Hunter Biden was not truthful during his sworn testimony before Congress on February 28th, 2024. 


The Democrats keep saying "there's no evidence" even though the evidence keeps mounting.

Miranda Devine went through the docs and spotted more reasons the term "Biden crime family" has caught on:

How and when did Hunter Biden lie? Devine counted the ways based on the new whistleblower documents:

It's not shocking that Hunter Biden lied but what's truly amazing is the number of times: 

But wait, there's more!


And of course it looks as if the Bidens had some help to stay out of trouble:

Maybe it's about time for another theatric Hunter Biden appearance at the House where he shows up for the cameras and then leaves.

“Lying during sworn testimony is a felony offense that the Department of Justice has prosecuted numerous individuals for in recent years, and the American people expect the same accountability for the son of the President of the United States.”


What, if anything, will happen next?

It's difficult for the congressional Democrats to see what they refuse to look at.

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