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MSNBC's Chris Hayes Among Those Baffled by Predictable Report About What Happened to US Aid to Gaza


On Monday Reuters had a report about the U.S.-built floating pier near Gaza designed to facilitate delivering humanitarian assistance into that area. According to Reuters, much, if not all, of the aid wasn't ending up in the intended hands. The story wasn't surprising in the least:


Then, one day later, a Pentagon spokesperson confirmed the veracity of the Reuters report, adding that the U.S. doesn't believe ANY of the aid sent has reached people in need in Gaza:

The Biden White House oversaw the construction of a $300 million pier ostensibly designed to get aid to people in Gaza and it's apparently ended up being an operation supporting Hamas. That's according to a Pentagon spokesperson:


That's probably the most predictable thing in this history of predictable things, but lefty commentators such as MSNBC's Chris Hayes can't believe anybody was able to undermine Joe Biden's foreign policy genius: 

Who could have possibly predicted that? Not this guy:

Is that really very surprising?

You'd think that after 3.5 years of every Biden plan sucking that the Left wouldn't be surprised anymore when another great idea ends up sucking, and yet here we are.


MSNBC will probably end up trying to find a way to blame climate change and Trump for this.

Biden's been a disaster on all fronts.

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