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SecState Antony Blinken Astounded World's 'Almost Deafeningly Silent' About Hamas (Really, Dude?)

Screenshot from video

After the October 7th Hamas terrorist attacks, President Biden and the White House said that they stood firmly behind Israel and the Israeli people.

Then, the Biden reelection campaign started losing ground among a certain demographic in Michigan and elsewhere, and Biden's hot mic moment after the State of the Union address summed up who the White House was wagging a finger at: 


A "come to Jesus" meeting with the Israeli PM? Great job, Joe.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Antony Blinken is completely baffled by something: 

Is this guy for real? 

Townhall's Katie Pavlich summed it up perfectly: 

Shorter Antony Blinken looking for the reason why the world isn't condemning Hamas in unison:

This administration wants it both ways and that's just not how it will work. It's good vs. evil and Team Biden's trying to straddle the fence at best or side against Israel at worst.

By the way, none of this happened before the "respected again on the world stage" bunch moved into the White House and projected weakness all over the world. Remember in November. 


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