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Imagine CNN hosts having this reaction if cocaine were found in the Trump WH

As you're well aware, a bag of cocaine was recently discovered inside the White House. You'd think that the building would be under heavy video surveillance both inside and out, but so far a culprit hasn't been identified. 

Exactly where the bag was found also continues to be a part of the story that is being spun. The original dispatch said the bag was found in a White House library, but then that soon shifted to a "West Wing work area," which Ari Fleischer thought was BS:

Before we get to the CNN clip, can you imagine the media/Dem hyperventilating if this happened while Trump was in the White House?

The media's not going insane because it's good to have that "D" after your name when you're in the White House. 

Not only are some in the media not making a big deal out of the story, but they're even making some jokes. Speaking of jokes, CNN and their coverage just couldn't help themselves:

Again, contrast that with what would be happening on that cable net if a bag of coke was found in the Trump White House:

Heck, if this happened under Trump the Democrats would probably already be having an impeachment push under the charge of the president of the U.S. enabling the drug cartels. Also, it's not like this kind of thing has happened a lot, and even Andrea Mitchell mentioned that earlier:

And I can't fathom the media not making this a much bigger deal but for the "D" after the name of the person whose staff (and family) is in the White House. The press would be demanding answers but this time many will be happy to just move on (for some reason). 


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