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CNN analyst: Maybe Republicans wouldn't get censored if they'd just 'stop saying it'

The hottest of censorship hot takes was spotted recently on CNN, and that happened with Kirsten Powers informed the Republicans how they could never again have to worry about being censored:


Here’s a broader transcript, and the topic was YouTube reversing its policy to remove content containing “false claims” (the actual problem has been who gets to decide what’s “false”):

FISCHER: If there is some sort of huge riot, then the first platform that’s going to move, which is YouTube, is the one that we’re going to look at and say, “What did we do here?”

POWERS: Yes. But they can’t put the genie back in the bottle.


POWERS: Once it’s out, it’s out there. And so, if the problem is that, “Oh, people aren’t going to be able to upload things that Republicans are saying,” maybe Republicans should stop saying it, right? Is that not the solution to the problem?

So, I think that — look, I support free speech, and I don’t think we want to silence political speech. But this company does have responsibility. And that’s not a violation of free speech to say, “We’re not going to allow you to upload information that is demonstrably false.”


“I support free speech, but…”– never fails.

Ironically enough, that kind of talk comes from the side that would like everybody to believe the Republicans are the “fascists.”

The rhetoric isn’t even cryptic anymore — they just come right out and say it.

These are the people who call many Republicans the “dictator wannabes.”


Yes we did, and the same holds true for many other issues.

About eight years ago Powers released a book titled “The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech.”


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