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There’s clearly a competition at MSNBC to see which host/panelist can have the most ridiculous take about how Ron DeSantis is “worse than Trump.”


Just a couple of days ago MSNBC contributor and former congressman David Jolly said Ron DeSantis is “far more dangerous than Donald Trump.”

Not to be outdone, MSNBC’s Joy Reid has warned that if DeSantis is elected president America will become a totalitarian hellscape just like… well, watch for yourself:

MSNBC hosts must get bonuses every time they make completely ridiculous predictions not at all based in reality:

Basically whoever the Republican nominee turns out to be we can be sure MSNBC will explain daily why that person is “literally worse than Hitler.”


Can somebody ask Reid why so many people keep willingly moving to such a horrible place?

::Beep:: “Low battery” ::beep:: “Low battery.”

The lefty media has created their own little make-believe world and they get so angry when the rest of us to agree to live in that progressive simulation with them.

That’s coming… just wait for it.


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