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Surprised? This is reportedly a top demand for Dems in debt ceiling negotiations

Yesterday Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen — of “inflation will be transitory” notoriety — set a new deadline of June 5th to raise the debt ceiling before she says the US won’t be able to pay some of its bills (with the likely exception of still being able to find plenty of money to send to Ukraine).


Meanwhile, negotiations will apparently continue throughout the weekend:

We can’t help but wonder about President Biden’s involvement in the late-night and holiday weekend negotiations from either Camp David or his beach house in Delaware:

Fox News’ Chad Pergram has the latest updates on the negotiations:


It appears that the main sticking point for Democrats, from which they are reportedly refusing to budge, is Republicans wanting a work requirement for able-bodied people receiving government assistance:



The Democrat philosophy continues to be “the more government dependency the better.”

Here’s why Speaker McCarthy thinks the Dem demand is a bad idea:


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