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AP's offering for a meatless weekend cookout gets grilled over a hot ratio

Memorial Day weekend is the time we honor all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service of the U.S. and for the cause of freedom.

The long weekend is also an occasion to get together with family and friends and enjoy a cookout and all the food that comes with it. The Associated Press took a break from pushing the importance of eating bugs to save the planet but still served up a suggestion for a meatless meal at your cookout:


It’s billed as “a veggie burger even meat-eaters will love,” but we’re guessing that meat-eaters will be eating meat at the Memorial Day barbeque. The AP earned another ratio.

Yes, we’re willing to compromise on the veggie thing, provided they are toppings for the all-beef burgers.


At least the AP story didn’t mention climate change as the reason to go meatless, which frankly is a little surprising.



You okay, AP? Why is the AP reporting week-old news?


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