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Robert Reich notes inflation outstripped wage growth after Biden took office (it's a total mystery)

Back in 2021 when inflation got to its highest point in several decades, President Biden and Janet Yellen promised that it would be “transitory.” Those promises still belong in the “this aged horribly” hall of fame:


Guess what wasn’t transitory?

Former Bill Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich helped explain things a bit more with this tweet:

Reich and his lib followers basically blame corporate greed and price gouging for that. Gee, corporations sure got greedy suddenly just after Biden took office!

Hey, wasn’t the “Inflation Reduction Act” supposed to take care of that problem? Of course that will only contribute to making remain high for the foreseeable future.

Reich doesn’t seem to realize what he’s admitting but hey, baby steps!


Remember when Biden and other Dems were saying in 2021 that inflation would be just temporary? Good times.

Reich also had this:

The Democrats had full control for the first two years of Biden’s presidency but there’s nothing they still can’t blame on Republicans.

But “no mean tweets” now!


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