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Dem Rep comes unhinged after Thomas Massie's suggestion to stop school shootings; Updated

The Democrats are totally open to discussion on ways to stop shootings at schools in the United States… unless those proposals go against any narratives, in which case we get scenes like this one:


What did Massie suggest?

Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman didn’t like Republican Rep. Thomas Massie’s proposal for more school security or his data backing it up. As a result, we can see a proposal for greater school security causing a Dem member of Congress to have a tantrum in the halls of Congress:

It’s almost as if the Democrats don’t want to hear proposals for any actual solutions.


Senator Mike Lee responded this way:

Bowman must consider shouting to be making a logical point.

It’s almost impossible to have any rational debate on this issue anymore.

So many Democrats do not want to hear any suggestion to eliminate school shootings that don’t involve “ban assault weapons” (and the Left’s definition of “assault weapons” remains open to their interpretation).


Update: What Bowman’s complaining about vs. what it’s really about:


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