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Tulsi Gabbard unloads on Mitt Romney for accusing her of 'treasonous lies'

Just to refresh everybody’s memory, about eleven months ago @MittRomney tweeted this (and as you can see it was never deleted):


The following month Gabbard responded with the following:

The Hill added this at the time:

While the Utah Republican did not specify what comments from Gabbard he was responding to, it appears it is likely he was referencing her unsubstantiated claims regarding U.S.-funded biolabs in Ukraine.

Gabbard claimed in a March 13 tweet that there are “25 to 30 U.S. funded bio labs in Ukraine.”

Romney’s accusation came up today when Gabbard was testifying at a House hearing about the weaponization of the government, which is ironic considering Sen. Romney made that accusation after Gabbard left Congress and became a private citizen:


Gabbard probably shouldn’t hold her breath waiting for any sort of apology from Romney.

It’s kind of amazing that out of all the leftist America haters Romney’s been surrounded by in Congress for the last few years, he chose Tulsi Gabbard to accuse of treason.


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