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Drew Holden's WaPo shot & chaser highlights narrative backpedal about the 2016 election

As we told you earlier, the Washington Post is reporting that there was very little Russia Twitter troll influence on the 2016 election.

Key findings:

–Only 1 percent of Twitter users accounted for 70 percent of the exposure to accounts that Twitter identified as Russian troll accounts.

–Highly partisan Republicans were exposed to nine times more posts than non-Republicans.

–Content from the news media and U.S. politicians dwarfed the amount of Russian influence content the electorate was exposed to during the 2016 race.

–There was no measurable impact on “political attitudes, polarization, and vote preferences and behavior” from the Russian accounts and posts.


Drew Holden’s shot & chaser shows that the Post is in the midst of a backpedal on this issue:

What a difference a few years makes! But “journalists” had a narrative to push back then and have moved on to pushing different narratives.

There are multiple one-eighties in progress:


The irony is overwhelming.



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