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WaPo has bad news for Dems (and media) hoping 1/6 hearings would reverse 'GOP's electoral trajectory'

Another hearing of the House’s January 6th Commission is off and running today, and the Democrats (joined by two Republicans) on the committee have laughably claimed that this is all about finding the truth and isn’t about politics. If committee members are serious that it isn’t about politics and stopping a red wave in the midterms, that’s a good thing for them because then they won’t be bothered by the conclusion of a Washington Post story:


After some digs at Trump and Fox News, the Post’s “analysis” came to a conclusion that will further frustrate Democrats and their media allies:

None of this means that the committee’s investigation will not have the desired effect on America’s understanding of the riot. But it may be too late. Republican voters are advancing a slew of candidates to November who have already staked positions in alignment with Trump. Those candidates will be on the ballot in a general election that is expected to be unusually unfavorable to Democrats. The Trump-fraud position is baked in.

If the committee hasn’t convinced Americans by January, it will probably be too late. If, as expected, Republicans retake the House, the committee will probably not survive the week.

Dems and the media (pardon the redundancy) should get out of the DC bubble more often so they can realize what regular people are actually concerned about.

Oh, finding the truth is entirely what the 1/6 Commission is all about! (Cue massive eye roll).


The media seems to be as much in a panic over this as the Democrats. Go figure!

“Fiery but mostly peaceful” was perfectly acceptable in 2020.

It’s going great, Dems — keep it up!

Biden and the Dems are even starting to lose CNN.

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