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Try not to laugh when reading what Rep. Adam Schiff wants you to believe the J6 hearings are NOT about

The January 6th Commission’s opening hearing is airing on many media outlets tonight (except Fox News where Tucker Carlson is airing, while the hearing is on the Fox Business Network). Committee chair Bennie Thompson kicked off his opening remarks with mentions of slavery, the Ku Klux Klan and lynching, just in case anybody was confused about which direction things would be headed.


Just ahead of the hearing, committee member Rep. Adam Schiff wanted to make it clear what the J6 hearings are NOT about. Oh, and Schiff’s also got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you:

Oh puh-leeze! Would Adam “I have proof of Russia collusion” Schiff ever lie to us?

By now everybody knows what “protect democracy” really means…

The last word can be about what might end up being the highest-rated show of the night:





WaPo reports that January 6 committee aides ‘sought to temper expectations of any shocking revelations’

CNN reminds us that after tonight’s spectacle, there are three January 6 committee hearings next week

Mark Hamill’s photo readying for tonight’s 1/6 hearing ‘should be satire, but I don’t think it is’

Dan Rather’s new slogan for Fox News might be his least self-aware tweet ever

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