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Biden tries to convince Americans how great they have it now (except for the things that are Putin's fault)

President Biden spoke from Delaware today about the economy, and as usual, it loaded with alternate reality doozies.


First, everybody’s so much better off economically since Biden took office. Did you know that? We didn’t:

Sure, Joe. And ask the average person how their retirement accounts are doing.

“Job creation” was also a disingenuous brag in Biden’s speech, which is of course the same trick the White House has been using to count jobs restored when businesses were allowed to re-open as new jobs.

Biden did acknowledge inflation and record-high gas prices, but of course those things are the fault of Putin (and the Republicans):

But what’s a way out of inflation? More spending in the name of combatting “climate change”!


Out: Recession or depression.

In: “Economic moderation”:

There were times during this speech that it seemed even Biden didn’t believe what he was saying.

However, it looks like Biden might be giving up on “ultra MAGA” and “MAGA Republicans”:

Here’s something that’ll pump you full of optimism:

Wait, what?

Biden also claimed he’ll save Americans $500 a year on their utility bills, which even the Washington Post fact-check team couldn’t manage to put any positive spin on the claim they gave four Pinocchios.


The president’s speech can be boiled down to four words:

At least the speech was eco-friendly, because it was loaded with recycled lies.

The only “strategy” the Biden White House has at this point is to really hope everybody’s stupid.

All Biden does is lie.

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