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Politico's coverage of Biden's 'historic convergence of crises' contains more proof the media shouldn't write about guns

This week Politico is running a predictably framed piece on how a number of crises have pounced on President Biden:

Within that article is yet another reason why nobody should take media reporting about guns at face value.

You won’t be surprised to know that the Politico piece contains an inaccuracy:

Or maybe they just don’t care about accuracy.

It’s not as if anybody was expecting the media to be remotely accurate in their reporting, but come on.

So much “journalism.”

As of now, the Politico report still says the Texas school shooter was “toting an automatic weapon”:

Toting an automatic weapon, an 18-year-old suspect killed 21 people, with several more remaining hospitalized. He carried more firepower than the first officers who attempted to block him and was only stopped and slain when a police tactical unit arrived.

The motive for the killing, to this point, remains unknown. But coming on the heels of the mass shooting of 10 Black people at a supermarket in Buffalo, N.Y., by a white supremacist, it has refocused the national debate on guns.

“Journalists” instinctively going with the Left’s narrative about everything isn’t confined to the topic of guns:

So very true.



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