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The Associated Press has reported that Democrat-supported efforts on increased gun control measures are likely going nowhere either at a state or federal level:


But gun control measures are likely going nowhere in Congress, and they also have become increasingly scarce in most states. Aside from several Democratic-controlled states, the majority have taken no action on gun control in recent years or have moved aggressively to expand gun rights.

That’s because they are either controlled politically by Republicans who oppose gun restrictions or are politically divided, leading to stalemate.

“Here I am in a position where I can do something, I can introduce legislation, and yet to know that it almost certainly is not going to go anywhere is a feeling of helplessness,” said state Sen. Greg Leding, a Democrat in the GOP-controlled Arkansas Legislature. He has pushed unsuccessfully for red flag laws that would allow authorities to remove firearms from those determined to be a danger to themselves or others.

What might a good solution be for Dems who would like to see more gun control? Pollster Frank Luntz is suggesting a slight change to the term “gun control”:


People will still know what that means coming from Democrats:

At least now we know the two terms are interchangeable.

Yeah, most people will definitely see through that little bit of wordplay.

It seems a little like the Biden administration telling themselves “don’t say ‘Republicans’ anymore, instead call them “ultra MAGA.”


The Democrats are constantly attempting to deceive so it’s not as if none of them have thought of the “gun safety” angle already.

Oh, and one more thing:

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