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ABC News' thread with tips on 'how to keep pain at the pump to a minimum' left out a BIG one

Everybody knows where the media’s focus would be if gas prices & inflation were spiking like this under a Trump presidency, but because a Democrat is in the White House all we get are “pointers” on how to get through the crises. ABC News offered a few in a Twitter thread on how to get through the gas price increases:


The rest of the tips in ABC News’ thread include:

–Don’t skip the repair shop. Making sure that your car is properly maintained will ensure a problem with the vehicle isn’t using up more fuel than it should. The biggest red flag is if the “check engine” light is illuminated.

–Avoid idling and turn off that air conditioner. Even if it is cold out, do not idle your car for long periods. It does nothing but waste fuel. “If your car will be stopped for more than 60 seconds, shut off the engine,” AAA recommends.

–Take advantage of apps that track prices. Some apps have a gas feature that can show you the nearest gas stations along with prices. Gas stations near major exits and in bigger cities tend to be more expensive.



Wow, they missed a big one!

And there it is.

It’s probably way too much to hope for that ABC News adds that suggestion to their thread.

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