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'Narrative pivot engage!' Joe Lockhart agrees with Max Boot about what must stop because it's 'damaging our children'

Is everybody having luck avoiding getting whiplash from the sudden change in direction from many Democrats (and Dem supporters who call themselves “conservative” but are fooling nobody) regarding what they supported for nearly two years vs. what they’re saying now? Add WaPo’s Max Boot and former Clinton press secretary, Joe Lockhart, to the mix:


Well, there it is!

Big time. It’s pathetic to watch the people who literally voted for so much of this insanity now try and reel it back in because it’s gotten politically damaging.


There’s a reason for the sudden pivot, and it has nothing to do with concern for students.

And it looks like the CDC had been allowing teachers’ unions to basically set health policy when it comes to schools.



Joe Lockhart’s angry rant aimed at NPR accidentally torpedoes CNN, his employer

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