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Biden lets reporters know they're not spinning for him effectively enough on the economy

President Biden delivered remarks today about the House passage of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. As we told you earlier, Biden didn’t appreciate one reporter pointing out that some illegal immigrants will, in fact, receive large cash payments — a story the president called “garbage” earlier in the week:

During his comments to reporters after the House passed the infrastructure bill with some help from 13 Republicans, Biden was asked about the increased cost of goods and services as the result of inflation that has contributed to his poor approval rating on the economy (and everything else). Biden blames the problems on supply chain problems and Covid-19. Also, Biden said reporters aren’t doing a good enough job in spinning for his administration:

Shorter Joe Biden:

Since Biden had everyone’s attention he could have taken it upon himself to explain things.

And the media would think it was a brilliant performance.

What are the odds that the media will take Biden’s criticism to heart?


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