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Here's how Biden arrived at #COP26 to pledge a 'personal commitment' to address the climate crisis

World leaders and United Nations officials who claim climate change has reached the level of “existential crisis” are, as a result, holding this year’s global warming summit via Zoom.


Just kidding!

They all flew to Scotland for the meetings, many on private jets:

Yep! Will anybody at this conference calculate the carbon footprint it’s making?

President Biden is expected to make a “personal commitment” when it comes to addressing the issue:

Of course, these world leaders’ “personal commitments” will involve you changing your lifestyle, not theirs.

As for Biden, his “personal commitment” to address climate change obviously involves torching tons and tons of fossil fuel on the trip. After having an 85-car motorcade in Italy, Biden arrived at the climate summit on Air Force One:


Then Biden took a large motorcade to the meeting site:

Can you already feel the planet starting to heal? Climate change alarmism from this bunch could end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy:

Maybe all those emissions can be offset by not having hot water at the conference:

Perhaps they can’t heat water because the generators are needed elsewhere:

Along with Biden, John Kerry and Al Gore are also in Scotland:


Many at this conference own oceanside homes and would really appreciate it if the rest of us believed their warnings that the seas are going to rise and engulf the coasts.

And taxpayers are paying for Biden’s gas while also trying to afford their own.

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