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'Slow your roll, Leni Riefenstahl': CNN/WaPo's Dr. Leana Wen doesn't think Biden's being nearly authoritarian enough

Yesterday President Biden announced an executive order involving federal vaccine mandates while scolding those opposed to the mandates, which included even Biden in December of 2020:


So Biden lied? Shocker.

Now Biden’s view has drastically changed and he’s trying to implement a federal vaccine mandate. However, Biden’s huge overreach isn’t overreaching enough for CNN medical analyst and Washington Post columnist Dr. Leana Wen:


Wow, it’s a good thing the Left doesn’t have to deal with that authoritarian Donald Trump anymore!

Wen’s concern about keeping kids healthy is even more ironic considering she used to be the president of Planned Parenthood.


She’d love it in Australia right now!

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