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Bill Kristol considers just 2 Republicans to be 'courageous friends of freedom' (Lincoln Project, Geraldo Rivera agree)

Earlier today, the House of Representatives voted on forming a January 6th commission:


In this particular case, “nearly all Republicans voting against” means there were two House GOPers voting in favor. You might not be surprised to know who they are:

Bill Kristol is hailing the two House Republicans who are assisting the Democrats’ initiative that will no doubt attempt to frame the Capitol riot on 1/6 as the fault of the entire GOP:

Geraldo Rivera agrees:


Clearly not every Republican thinks the investigation would be anything other than a Democrat opportunity to shape yet more narratives. But Dems clearly seem to appreciate Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, and good luck to them in the midterms.

Not surprisingly, The Lincoln Project is also in full support of the Democrats’ latest push:

Next November will tell how appreciative voters are of these Republicans helping out the Democrats.

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