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Drew Holden's megathread comparing media obits for Rush Limbaugh to Iran's Soleimani (and others) speaks VOLUMES

Broadcasting giant Rush Limbaugh passed away at the age of 70 on Wednesday morning, and the media coverage, when compared to the death of an Iranian military leader (and others), is now under a “journalism” spotlight:


Who got more positive media headlines? You probably already know the answer, but @DrewHolden360 sifted through plenty of media hackery to provide some examples:

The New York Times can always be counted on for an interesting “compare & contrast”:

Reuters too:


Time Mag also had to get in on the action:

Oh. My. GOD. *Facepalm*

And there are so many more:

We’d almost forgotten about the WaPo’s infamous “austere religious scholar” obituary.

NBC News brings it back to Limbaugh vs. Soleimani:

L.A. Times, do your stuff!

And HuffPost? You just knew they could be counted on:


The list goes on…

None of this is totally unexpected, however.

Obviously the answer to that depends on which member of the mainstream media you ask!


And yet the media wondered why Trump’s criticisms resonated with so many? Unbelievable.

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