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Gov. Greg Abbott says he'll never again authorize deployment of Texas Nat'l Guard to DC 'if they're disrespected like this'

The presidential inauguration will take place on Wednesday, but with the decision having been made to secure the entire area in Washington, DC, the National Guard was called in.


But that wasn’t enough. It didn’t take long for rumors to circulate that maybe the National Guard can’t even be trusted, which caused the Pentagon to take action:

The Defense Department says there’s no evidence of any insider threat, but the vetting is being done in an abundance of caution:


Naturally, the Democrats are turning this into a narrative. Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen even suggested that 75 percent of the National Guard might be compromised because they voted for Donald Trump in November.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had enough of that on Monday, saying he won’t cooperate with sending Guard troops to DC if they’re going to be used as political pawns:

Nobody will ever accuse Gov. Abbott of mincing words!

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