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Tom Brokaw hopes media (and FBI) 'learned a lesson' covering the Richard Jewell story after 'the truth emerged' (and people have thoughts)

The bombing at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta soon had the media, citing investigative sources, reporting that security guard Richard Jewell was a suspect. That reporting turned out to be untrue, and Tom Brokaw, who was the anchor of the NBC Evening News at the time, had this to say:


It looks like a certain television journalist might have seen “Richard Jewell”:

At the time, Brokaw was among those in the media who took the “report first and make sure it’s accurate later” approach:


So, did the media really learn a lesson from coverage of the Richard Jewell story? Many sure don’t think so:


Using a very recent example, it sure doesn’t look like the media (or even parts of the FBI) learned any lessons. It might even be getting worse.

Update: People are pointing out inconsistencies in Brokaw’s tweets:

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