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Projection alert! Sen. Blumenthal hits several snags in rush to slam Mitch McConnell, WH and impeachment trial rules

The Democrat push to impeach President Trump and then stall the articles in the House is an obvious and predictable political stunt, but it has also led to some examples of projection. Sen. Richard Blumenthal has provided the latest comments to earn this comeback:

That response came after Blumenthal expressed concern about the process when (or if) the impeachment process gets to the Senate, and it’s nothing short of laughable considering the source:

Who wants to tell him?

Pelosi knows that, which is why House Dems are sitting on the articles of impeachment and demanding to have some subsequent control over the process that the Constitution doesn’t afford them.

Democrats acting as if they’d be the only ones acting out of sheer objectivity is hilariously shameless.

But to Democrats like Blumenthal that was just part of the “open and fair” process.


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