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Trump misspoke during his 4th of July speech, and Jim Acosta is ON IT (Just like when he always fact checked Obama -- Oh, wait...)

During a portion of President Trump’s “Salute to America” speech, in comments about the Revolutionary War, he said the word “airports” instead of “ports.” Naturally CNN’s chief Resistance reporter was all over it:


We’re pretty sure Trump knows there weren’t airports during the Revolutionary War, but who’s to stop Jim Acosta from serving up red meat for the Resistance? There were also teleprompter issues, but at least detailed “fact checking” is a thing again after, to a great degree, an eight-year hiatus during Obama’s presidency.

Between that and a B-2 flyby of CNN’s DC bureau last night, he just might have enough material for another book.


Did the media do these snarky on-the-spot “fact checks” for that, or when Obama pronounced corpsman as “corpse-man” repeatedly and said he’d been to 57 states? We can’t recall the MSM being fast to jump on the mockery bandwagon when those happened.

So brave.

Is anybody surprised?

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