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'Never fails to amaze': Vox's warning about 'foods we could lose if climate change continues' is enough to make you want to torch a pile of tires

The Left continues to sound the alarm about man-made climate change (and to prove it, zero Democrats voted for the Green New Deal in the Senate earlier this year). But to try and gin up some added panic ahead of the Democrat debates Wednesday and Thursday, Vox reported about some food and drink that you might never enjoy again:


And we say that’s enough to make you want to torch a pile of tires not because we don’t like those foods or enjoy the stench of burning rubber. It’s just that the smoke might help mask the scent of another load of alarmist BS:

And they were on it.

When the alarmists get really desperate to cause a panic, they add beer and chocolate to the list.


Not at all! *Eye roll*

Now there’s a thought!

That’s practically an evergreen tweet when discussing Vox hot takes.

And yet, somewhere, perhaps in private jets high above various parts of the world en route to emergency conferences about the dangers of fossil fuel emissions, super-rich eco-warriors are applauding Vox’s warning while sipping wine and munching on almonds.

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