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Impressive: Actress SO committed to combating climate change she flew 5,400 miles to protest with group trying to stop air travel

The Eco-Hypocrisy Hall of Fame is about to get another nominee, and it might have to be expanded to accommodate the induction of another Hollywood actor:


Attn. AOC! This kind of hypocrisy has to have driven the 12-year deadline down below 10 years in an instant:

Isn’t that special?

The Oscar-winning actress flew back to London from LA to support the eco-warriors plotting to take down Heathrow today.
She added: “I am so proud and thrilled to be part of Extinction Rebellion, a new movement that has come up behind all the old ones that I’ve been part of since I was 16 years old.

“A movement that’s telling it like it is and saying to government ‘look, there’s no more time. You can’t lie and you can’t stall any longer’.”


This is the best part:

The Extinction Rebellion group are calling for flights only to be used in emergencies.

It must depend on what your definition of “emergency” is.

Without a doubt.

Bonus: Thompson called the other side the hypocrites:

There is in fact some hypocrisy here, and it’s “first class”:


Yeah, we’re pretty much speechless too at this point.

What would the world do without Hollywood liberals?

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