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FAIL: Valerie Jarrett cheers Don Lemon's WH hot take about Kanye West & Trump, gets BURNED by Obama, Biden & Clinton

President Trump hosting Kanye West in the Oval Office on Thursday has sparked enough head explosions on the Left so as to be mistaken for a 4th of July fireworks show. Among those who were offended was former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, who thanked CNN’s Don Lemon for defending the delicate selective sensibilities of liberals:


Pass the smelling salts!

And yet again, another former Obama staffer suffers from 2009-2016 memory loss, and then some:

Where were the Left’s “Keep it Classy Police” during the Obama years? They were much more silent than they were on Thursday, that’s for sure:






WOW: CNN’s Don Lemon doesn’t let up, calls Kanye West’s Oval Office meeting a ‘minstrel show’

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