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'Wow!' Dan Bongino delivers a HARSH reality check to 'gun control will make us safer' crowd

The murder rate in Brazil continues to be incredibly high, and here’s just how bad it is:


An additional detail:

Almost 60,000 people were murdered in Brazil in 2014, most with guns. While some Latin American countries have higher per capita murder rates, in absolute numbers, Brazil is the deadliest place in the world outside Syria.

Dan Bongino adds something to help flush the liberal talking points down the drain once and for all:


POP goes the liberal narrative! Again.

This information about gun laws in Brazil is from NPR, which isn’t exactly a bastion of pro-NRA talking points:

Right now, Brazil actually has tough gun laws. If you want to own a gun legally these are the requirements:

— a fixed address

— proof of legitimate income

— no criminal record

— a mental health test

— proof you know how to handle a gun and shoot it

— evidence of why you need a gun. For example, a police report of an attack against you.

Even if a prospective gun owner supplies all this information, the police can arbitrarily deny a request for a gun permit.

Also, the minimum age for gun ownership in Brazil is 25 years old.



“Criminals don’t obey laws, part 2,305.”



WATCH: Dan Bongino LEVELS lib gun control narrative (and cracks up Tucker Carlson)

OUCH! Dan Bongino calls out Alyssa Milano’s Bass Pro Shops ‘BS’ in mock-tastic fashion (‘snowflake’ trigger warning!)

BAHAHA! Dan Bongino has the PERFECT name for Obama’s new Netflix series (and he’ll hate it)

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