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Here are some #NationalWalkoutDay signs that'll make you go 'HMM' (Founders unavailable for comment)

Today many students around the country are walking out of school to join those calling for the government to “do something” about “gun violence.” Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, are leading a rally at the U.S. Capitol:


But all over the country, those participating in the walkout are carrying signs, and some are nothing short of baffling:

The 2nd Amendment isn’t meant to keep citizens safe? We wonder what the Founders would think of that.

Maybe organizers should have just referred to it as an anti-NRA rally and been done with it. And so much for the line the Democrats like to repeat to calm concerns of law-abiding gun owners:


Does anybody want to tell that person how many guns are protecting the area he’s in?

Feminism IS represented today:


Of course, there are also slams on those who offer prayers after awful things happen:

Thoughts and prayers for proofreading skills:

But there are more than just signs — there are chants too:

At least one thing has been made abundantly clear:



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