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Monday Morning Meme Madness

'You need to tell his poor wife!' Wendy Davis' race-baiting about Greg Abbott is an epic fail

The Wendy Davis campaign sank to a new low with the recent wheelchair ad, and so did her poll numbers.


Can Team Davis sink even lower? They’re trying:

First of all, there is of course the straw man nature of Davis’ scare tactic:


And if that wasn’t enough to disintegrate whatever point Davis was trying to make, there’s this little detail:




The theme is familiar:

Maybe Davis is trying to say “a vote for Greg Abbott is a vote for him leaving his wife” or something.



At Davis HQ, this might switch on some lightbulbs over a few heads:

Wait for it…


Davis continues to dig:



‘Tone deafness personified’: Wendy Davis campaign begins soft backpedal on wheelchair ad

Is Wendy Davis’ execrable wheelchair ad her audition for a slot on MSNBC?

‘So shameless’: Scene at Wendy Davis’ press conference shows ‘absolute desperation’ [photo, video]

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